What Type of Image Consultant Do You Want to Be

When people decide to retire, who and what they are does not end. People should look at it as a new beginning because their vast knowledge and expertise can be put to good use when they decide to become an image consultant for a client.

But what is an image consultant? This person is someone helps improves the company’s image in the eyes of the customer. It is very similar to what a PR or public relations person would do but more since you don’t just release press kits.

Your professional background determines what type of image consultant you can be. For instance, if you have worked in marketing for most of your career, you can help a company increase their sales volume by coming up with campaigns to make that happen.

If your client is in the service industry and you worked in human resources particular training, you can conduct seminars and workshops so the people who come in to contact with the customers will be able to satisfy their needs especially when problems happen.

But work experience is not enough to land a client. If that was the case, anyone who worked for a company for 10 years or more would have their own practice already. What you need is formal training or certification so people will take you seriously.

It is also important to get formal training and certification so you will be able to learn the other aspects of being an image consultant like how to assess the problem, what steps need to be taken and how this message is delivered to the client.

This opportunity will also teach you about the financial requirements needed to start your own consultancy business. A lot of professionals who now work as image consultants first work at home before deciding to rent office space.

Along the way, you can choose what type of business you like to help and what size? Do you want to offer your services to a multinational company or a small business?

An image consultant does a lot of stuff and they can work in just about any business. You can work as a fashion consultant, color consultant, foreclosure consultant, home party consultant, import specialist, sports nutrition consultant, international business specialist, retirement planning specialist and senior training specialist.

But whatever it is called, the objective is the same and that is to uplift or change the image of the person or the client.

The only thing to do now once you have decided to get into this business is to let people know you exist. A lot of image consultants advertise in the newspaper while the rest hand out flyers and calling cards. You can also make a website and if you have a lot of money, why not invest and put up a billboard or poster?

The success of your business begins with one client. If you do well, he or she will most likely recommend you to others so potential clients will also learn about you via word of mouth.

When you decide to become an image consultant, you also become a role model because people look up to you for advice. If you can turn things around for a client, then you know job is done.